At Clearpoint Ventures we are working
to build a cleaner, smarter economy.

The cleantech sector is generating tremendous investment opportunities and venture capital firms continue to primarily target startups with cutting-edge technologies. However, in sectors including alternative energy, energy management, and green building, innovations are more evolutionary than revolutionary and customers are seeking solutions, not just products or technologies.

Entrepreneurs who understand this are developing highly innovative, lower-tech, service or IT-enabled service companies with significant upside potential. We call this underserved, less risky market segment, the "clean economy". Clearpoint Ventures is a clean economy venture fund, and together with our co-investor and CEO partners, we are building companies that are leading the way to a cleaner, smarter economy.

Focus & Philosophy

I have long believed there is an important role for value-adding smaller investors who help make syndicates stronger. Clearpoint Ventures has performed that role for us, helping in very meaningful and concrete ways.

– Paul Holland, General Partner, Foundation Capital